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Get the most out of this website

On this website you will find:

  • Descriptions of five criteria for cognitive accessibility together with a review method for each that helps to verify whether or not a criterion has been correctly implemented
  • Prototypes of digital interfaces showing how it can look when the criteria have and have not been implemented.
  • A short background on the research context for developing the criteria.

It is possible to read the descriptions of the five criteria as stand-alone documents. However, to better understand how the criteria helps the users in practice, we strongly recommend to also have a look at the examples.

To get the most out of the criteria, we would suggest to go through the following steps:

  1. Choose a criterion in the section “Criteria”
  2. Read through the review method of the criterion
  3. Go to the section “prototypes” to look at the example of how the criterion can be put in practice
  4. Compare the example where the criterion has not been implemented in the prototype to the example where the criterion has been implemented
  5. Think about how the criterion could best be put to use on a digital interface that you are working on or that is under your responsibility. Does it make sense? How would it be of benefit to the users?

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This project was funded by:

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